Hotel Barómetro de Camariñas

Hotel Barómetro de Camariñas

Hotel Barómetro de Camariñas

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An emblematic hotel with a unique history in Galicia

Do you know why we are the Serpent Barometer?

On November 10, 1890, the great tragedy of HMS Serpent occurred in the heart of the “Costa da Morte”. A tragedy that still survives in the collective imagination of the people of the area and that contributed decisively to the christening of the area with the name of Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) that was used for the first time by British newspapers.

It was the night of November 10, 1980 when the Royal Navy training ship, HMS Serpent, ran aground on the shoals of Punta do Boi (Camariñas) in the middle of a south-west storm with very poor visibility.

The shipwreck occurred when the Serpent was making a transit from the metropolis to the “West Africa Station”, which stretched from Sierra Leone to the Cape of Good Hope. Her mission there would be to show the pavilion on some coasts coveted by the European powers.

The Royal Navy ship had left Plymouth Harbor to relieve her sister ship Archer, but her voyage was cut short by bad weather, strong currents and a navigational error.

Sadly, only three of the 175 crew members made it to land alive, badly injured, although they were able to walk to the nearby village of Xaviña to ask for help.

The neighbors mobilized from November 11 to collect the bodies of the sailors. They collected a total of 172 corpses, which would be buried in the “Cementerio de los Ingleses” made and consecrated by the parish priest of Xaviña “ex professo” for that purpose.

Queen Victoria and the British Royal Navy, grateful for the effort and kindness of the people of Camariñas in helping the three survivors and the search and rescue efforts for the bodies of the other crew members, sent a series of gifts and a letter in which thanked the hospitality shown by the residents of Camariñas to the shipwrecked of HMS Serpent.

One of these gifts and which, today is one of the traces of the Serpent in Camariñas, is the barometer placed on the facade number 3 of Calle Alcalde Noguera Patiño, looking at the fishing port, where this emblematic Hotel is currently located.


The shipment arrived in the town of lace in March 1981 aboard an English gunboat that arrived in the area on secondment from the British consulate. In addition to the barometer, Queen Victoria gave the “Camariñáns” some payments for those who collaborated in the rescue and burial of the deceased; a gold watch for the mayor of that time and a shotgun with which the priest of Xaviña was honored.

The tragedy of the British cruise ship is “the symbol of the shipwrecks” of the Costa da Morte, a legendary tragedy that marked the collective soul of an entire region.

A story that marks the hardness of our coasts but also the effort, kindness and hospitality of our people.